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Best Organic Compost for your Garden

Gardening can be a great way to beautify your yard and reduce your carbon footprint. In order for your garden to thrive, though, you need to use the right soil amendment, including the best bagged and best organic compost, infused with nutrients. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 of the best organic compost soils available, including the best bagged compost for your fruit/vegetable garden and your indoor potted plants. Read on for a list of the best bagged organic compost for your garden that money can buy!

Healthy gardens need many nutrients that can be fulfilled through quality compost.

What is the Difference Between Regular Garden Soil and Compost?

While soil is the naturally forming material found in the Earth’s crust that consists of dirt, rocks, minerals, and nutrients, compost is a man-made mixture of organic matter that has rotted and decomposed to form a nutrient-rich soil.

Regular soil can be used to provide structure for plants while compost is often used to provide nutrients to and fertilize the vegetation.

While there are many different types of compost depending on what materials they are derived from, all types of compost should be rich with balanced amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three nutrients are the most important for fertilizing vegetation and are often noted as NPK and described by three numbers on compost and fertilizer bags.

A bag that has an NPK of 12-0-0 would be high in nitrogen and have no phosphorus and potassium, for example, while a bag with an NPK of 3-4-3 would have a relatively well-balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium with a little extra phosphorus.

Using compost can ensure that your fruit, flower, or vegetable garden stays healthy.

7 Best Organic Compost Soils for your Garden

1) Rosy Soil Indoor Potting Mix

$24.99 for a Pack of Two Bags at Rosy Soil

 Rosy Soil bagged compost is a great product for your indoor plant.

This blend of sustainable, natural ingredients will ensure your indoor plants stay healthy and productive. It has a guaranteed NPK score of 0.72-0.22-0.37 derived from wood waste and green compost.

It starts with one of the best compost soils derived from vegan wood and green waste.

The bagged compost is also mixed with carbon-negative biochar derived from organic waste material that helps your plants conserve nutrients and maintain water retention.

Mycorrhizae, a naturally-occurring fungus that helps the roots of a plant increase accessibility to nutrients and water, is also mixed with the compost.

Best Uses

  • Indoor Potting


  • Vegan Compost
  • Carbon-Negative Biochar
  • Mycorrhizae

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2) Earth Dust Natural Dry Plant Nutrients for Living Soil

$53.10 at The Green Sunshine Company

Earth Dust Base and Boost soil amendments are derived from organic compost and can be used as bagged compost for your vegetable garden or indoor plant.

These two bagged compost solutions offer one of the best bagged compost experiences out there.

The Earth Dust Base bagged compost has an NPK score of 3-1-2, and is designed for sustained vegetative growth of new plants.

The Earth Dust Boost bagged compost has an NPK score of 2-3-6 and is designed to release a boost of nutrients for flowering plants.

You can use the Earth Dust Base and Boost pair to create healthy, living soil for your plants.

Best Uses

  • Outdoor gardening
  • Indoor Planting


  • Plant Nutrients
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Trace Minerals
  • Billions of Microbes

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3) Soil Blend Super Compost

$29.98 per 8lb. Concentrate at Home Depot

Super Compost is one of the best bagged compost for your garden soil.

This quality organic compost is made from 100% organic materials, including cow manure, alfalfa meal, and earthworm castings. The balanced NPK score of 2-2-2 can help your fruit or vegetable garden produce significantly larger yields and maintain plant growth.

Best Uses

  • Fruit/Vegetable Gardens
  • Flower Beds
  • Potted Plants


  • Cow Manure
  • Alfalfa Meal
  • Earthworm Castings

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4) Mountain Valley Seed Company Worm Castings

$17.59 at True Leaf Market

Earthworm Castings are quality compost solutions for your vegetable gardens.

Different from vermicompost, worm castings are leftover waste from earthworms that are extremely rich in nitrogen.

Worm castings can offer one of the best compost solutions for your garden.

Best Uses

  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Indoor Plants


  • Earthworm Castings

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5) Purple Cow Indicanja

$35.99 at Purple Cow

Your vegetable gardens will thank you for choosing Purple Cow Indicanja for its nutrient-rich organic materials.

This nutrient-dense soil amendment derived from organic compost is perfect for all types of gardens. It’s made from a variety of natural ingredients, including plant-based compost and sphagnum peat moss.

Best Uses

  • Outdoor Gardening


  • Purple Cow Compost
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Perlite
  • Bone Meal
  • Kelp Meal
  • Potash
  • Poultry Litter
  • Volcanic Ash

6) Purple Cow Activated Compost

$45.99 at Purple Cow

Purple Cow activated compost is  one of the best compost bags for your vegetable gardens.

This bagged compost is one of the best compost soils for outdoor gardens and indoor plants.

This quality compost is made up of natural, plant-based organic matter, including minerals, plant-based compost, and worm castings.

It’s perfect for fruit, flower, and vegetable gardens, shrubs, and trees.

Best Uses

  • Outdoor Gardening (Boxes and Beds)
  • Indoor Potting


  • Purple Cow Compost
  • Rock Minerals
  • Sea Minerals
  • Earthworm Castings

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7) California Gold

$31.99 at Vital Garden Supply

California Gold is one of the best compost derived from organic materials.

This bagged compost derived from aged hardwood chips is perfect for your garden. It can be mixed with the top layer of soil prior to perfect for all types of gardens, and it will help your plants thrive!

Best Uses

  • Outdoor Gardens
  • Indoor Potted Plants


  • Aged Hardwood Chips

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Should you be Making your Own Compost?

While there are many benefits to using organic compost, you may be wondering if you should be making your own.

There are a few things to consider before you start making your own compost.

  • It takes time. It can take anywhere from six months to a year for your compost to be ready to use.
  • It needs a dedicated space. Whether it be a simple compost pile of scraps outside your house or a closed container inside your apartment, composts need a dedicated space for organic matter to decompose.

Still, making your own compost for your garden is a great way to reduce your waste and help mitigate climate change.

Compostable material


When it comes to organic compost, there are many options available. But not all bagged compost mixtures are created equal! Be sure to choose organic bagged compost that is perfect for your needs. And remember, the best bagged compost will help your plants grow healthy and strong! Thanks for reading!

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